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Thread: Changing Identification of Variable

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    Default Changing Identification of Variable

    Good afternoon,

    I want to change the Identification text of a variable during the runtime using a dynamic text element.
    The reason behind it is the following: I want to make a flexible system that can be implemented on different sites. Where the user can change the meaning of “Input 1” to any desirable text.
    I want to display this text in the ALM and CEL.
    Is this possible?
    Or if I am approaching this in the wrong way could you give me a better solution?
    Thank you.
    Best Regards,

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    Default Re: Changing Identification of Variable

    Variable properties are not editable for the Service Engine (runtime) user. 
    You can create additional STRING variables from INTERN driver, and in CEL/AML use 'dynamical limit text' - the limit text produced by limit of main variable but composed using additional variables.

    As it is nothing specific for Energy, I'm moving this thread to the node where more people could give a good advice. 

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