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Thread: CSV file import error

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    Ausrufezeichen CSV file import error


    I'm trying to import a CSV file in utf-8 encoding(Converted to .txt form using excel) for the variables list to create variables and for some reason, Zenon throws an error that the import cannot be carried out everytime I try to import variables using my CSV file.

    But if I export the CSV from an existing Zenon project and then add my rows and columns into that CSV, the import works

    Any help would be appreciated to resolve the issue with importing the original CSV file!

    I'm using Zenon Energy edition 8.2

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    Default Re: CSV file import error

    Just the use of energy license does not make all your topics to be energy edition specific, so I'm moving this thread to the forum node where more people would be able to give some hints.

    I suppose the CSV file produced from Excel is not identical (all columns, in right order, right separators, no additional space chars, etc.) with the CSV format produced (and expected) originally by zenon.

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    Idee Re: CSV file import error

    Thanks for the response Ursula!

    The CSV file which zenon recognizes uses UTF-16 LE BOM encoding. But the CSV which I have is of UTF-8 encoding. That caused the issue with Zenon

    When I changed the encoding scheme to match with what Zenon accepts, all the variables were imported into Zenon from the CSV.


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