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Thread: Standard Recipes grey window

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    Default Standard Recipes grey window

    I'm working with 64 bit ZEE 8.20 build 67700 and I encountered a problem. I was working with Standard Recipes window and it worked fine when I had only one recipe defined. When I defined a few other recipes, I couldn't access any other recipes anymore, the window is just grey. I can create more recipes eg. "Recipe 5", "Recipe 6" etc, but can only access the last one. After deleting it, the Standard Recipes window is grey again and I can't do anything besides adding another recipe. I tried using "Jump back to starting element" button, but to no effect. 

    After exporting as XML, the recipes in the file are fine.

    Below is a screenshot of how it looks like when I create a new recipe:

    And after I delete it:

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    Default Re: Standard Recipes grey window

    as this is nothing specific to the energy, but general knowledge about zenon, i'm moving your post the forum node where the are more people reading, so better chance to get an fast answer.

    my solution proposal - try to correct your view:
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