I have a Zenon Energy Edition communicating to x IED's in IEC61850.  A dispatch center is connected to the Zenon using the process gateway IEC870Slave.

I have a question about commands sent from a dispatch center without using the Select Before Operate function but with check of interlock conditions in Zenon and in the IED.

- If I deactivate "Select routing" in the process gateway, then the command is not passed through the Command Processing module.  So I cannot check interlock equations in Zenon and I cannot set the QoC to check the interlock conditions in the IED.
- If I activate "Select routing", but I deactivate "Select before operate" on the command variable, the same happens.  The Command Processing modules are bypasses, so the interlock conditions in Zenon are not checked.  Also, the Qoc is not set because of this and all interlocks in the IED are bypassed as well.

Is there a way to send commands without using SBO at the dispatch center (Direct Execute is requested by the grid operator) but with checking interlock conditions in Zenon and in the IED?