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Thread: Tapcon commands with 61850

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    Default Tapcon commands with 61850

    does anybody know how to set command raise/lower for tapcon on Zenon HMI?
    Tapcon expects values 1/2, but I can only set 0/1 because command variable (xxx.ATCC1.LTCBlk.ctlVal) is BOOL and it can not be changed.

    Please help, I have urgent situation on site.

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    Default Re: Tapcon commands with 61850

    I do not know tapcon, but i hope its data model and behavior follows rules of the IEC61850 Standard . According the Standard in logical node ATCC there are data objects LTCBlkVLo, LTCBlkVHi and LTCBlkAHi and they are not dedicated to give commands. And there is no just LTCBlk at all. So, the object reference in your post - xxx.ATCC1.LTCBlk.ctlVal - is very strange. Are you sure you created the variables by online, eventually offline import from tapcon/its SCL-file? By manually created variables it is easy to make some mistake, so we strictly recommend to use online import; eventually offline, not manual creation of variables. By online import - do you see any *Oper.ctlVal[CO] items in this ATCC? To give a legal command you need variable *Oper.ctlVal with FC=CO or SP.

    A general explanation: to give a command you have to use data objects of a class supporting Control services. I see in the IEC60850-7-4 Standard the LTCBlk* are in class SPS (no 'Controls'). According Standard there is no ctlVal attribute in SPS and a Control always includes the whole Oper attribute - which is a structure, thus */Oper.ctlVal (and not single ctlVal).

    According the 850-7-4 the logical node ATCC has few legal 'Controls'. I suppose the suitable would be: data object TapChg - 'Change tap position (stop, higher, lower)' or TapPos - 'Set tap position'. These objects are in class BSC having data attribute Oper. Does the tapcon have such items in its data model?
    When yes, then the suitable command variable in zenon would be */ATCC1/TapChg/Oper.ctlVal[CO] or */ATCC1/TapPos/Oper.ctlVal[CO] where ctlVal is a numerical value ('CODED ENUM') - stop | lower | higher | reserved; for sure not BOOL when online/offline imported.

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    Default Re: Tapcon commands with 61850

    Hi Ursula,
    thx for reply.

    It seems that there was too much manual work here.
    After repeated import, it works.

    Thanks again.

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    Default Re: Tapcon commands with 61850

    Hi timohir
    Please can u tell me how to establish communication zenon and tapcon 260
    Because i try To communicate with online method i can get the variables but in runtime mode i cant not read the values of this variables
    Best regards

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