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    Beitrag network configuration

    HI  COPA-DATA team
    I have question's about Zenon network connection,  for example, if we have two pc in the same network based on DCOM, we installed in pc one OPC server (we use codesys OPC and name pc1) then in another pc (pc 2) we have Zenon, now my first question is 
    is that possible to access data (read/write) from Zenon in pc2 to pc1 in this network?
    so if possible how can we configure it?
    best regards .
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    Default Re: network configuration

    Consider to NOT use (OPC DA via) DCOM, this is a technology unsuitable for reliable production processes, e.g.: it is very probable that after any connection breaks you will have to hard restart components, else they will not communicate. 

    I propose you to use on both PCs the zenon Network, so to run zenon runtime also on the PC with OPC server (COM, not DCOM). The subproject dedicated for pc1 can contain the zenon OPC client driver. The zenon Network will exchange data between PCs. The zenon on pc2 will be client of project on pc1 (while pc1 will be client of your current project on pc2).

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