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Thread: Creating a DynText element by macro

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    Default Creating a DynText element by macro

    I have a problem with metodh Create. I would like to display a variable name by using macro with mouseover events.
    Now i added a "Dynamic Text" element to one screen and it works, but i would like to use that functionality to all screens. I'm trying to create a dynamic text elements automatically, but it does not work. I guess i have problem with good path to that element. I attached code below.

    Public Sub MouseOver_Default(obElem As Element, vPosX As Variant, vPosY As Variant)
    'tworzenie dynamic textu na kazdym ekranie jak uzyte macro
    Const strName As String = "Dynamics_text_3"
    Dim zElement As Element
    Dim zElements As Elements
    'Dim zPIC As DynPicture

    'Set zElement = thisProject.DynPictures.Item(bsName)
    'Set zPIC = thisProject.DynPictures.Item("START")
    'If PIC Is Nothing Then Exit Sub
    If zElements Is Nothing Then
    Set zElement = thisProject.DynPictures.Elements.Create(strName, tpDynText)

    'creating dyntext element
    'Set zElement = zElement.Elements.Create(bsName, tpText)
    With zElement
    .Width = 300
    .Hight = 50
    .Left = -100
    .Top = -25
    .VisibilityVariable = "widocznosc"
    .XVariable = "dx"
    .XVarMax = 1950
    .XViewMax = 1950
    .XVarMin = 0
    .XViewMin = 0
    .YVariable = "dy"
    .YVarMax = 950
    .YViewMax = 950
    .YVarMin = 0
    .YViewMin = 0
    .DynProperties("Text1") = "nazwy_zmiennej_off_on"

    End With
    End If

    'zmienne do sciezki
    Dim zVariables As Variables
    Dim zVariable As Variable
    Set zVariables = thisProject.Variables
    'zmienne pozycji myszki
    Dim zmiennax As Integer
    Dim zmiennay As Integer
    Const t = True
    'zmienne pozycji okienka
    Dim dx As Variable
    Dim dy As Variable
    'zmienna dotycznca widocznosci i wlaczanie
    Dim widocznosc As Variable
    Dim on_off As Variable
    'nazwa najechaniej zmiennej
    Dim nazwazmiennej As Variable
    'wlaczenie i wylaczenie funkcji odczytu
    Set on_off = zVariables.Item("nazwy_zmiennej_off_on")
    'If on_off.Value = t Then

    'przypisanie wynikow funkcji do zmiennych wspolrzedne myszki
    zmiennax = CInt(vPosX)
    zmiennay = CInt(vPosY)

    Set widocznosc = zVariables.Item("widocznosc")
    widocznosc.Value = on_off.Value

    'przypisanie nazwy zmiennej do okienka na ekranie
    Set nazwazmiennej = zVariables.Item("nazwazmiennej")
    nazwazmiennej.Value = obElem.ItemVariable(0).Name

    'polozenie okeinka wzgledem myszki
    Set dx = zVariables.Item("dx")
    dx.Value = zmiennax + 50
    Set dy = zVariables.Item("dy")
    dy.Value = zmiennay + 50

    'End If

    End Sub

    What is the correct way to create dynamic text element?

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    Default Re: Creating a DynText element by macro


    You cant create an element in Runtime:

    If you want to display a variable name in the Runtime, you can just right click on the variable.

    If you still want to use a macro, the text element must exist when starting Runtime.
    You can, for example, show the value of a string variable and set the string to the name of the variable you are clicking on.
    With a boolean variable, you can show/hide the element when not using it.


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    Default Re: Creating a DynText element by macro

    Thanks a lot man!!! Because of your help, I was able to complete my work.
    Great thanks to you.

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