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Thread: Can i do this with RGM

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    Default Can i do this with RGM

    I need to develop a  system to test water meter accuracy where i have the following data need to be recorded & updated. Below are the scenario :-

    list of data :-
     a. serial no - String
     b. initial reading - Float
     c. final reading - Float
     d. temperature - Float (from PLC)
     e. pressure - Float (from PLC)
     f. flowrate - Float (from PLC)

    Step of operation :-
     1. User need to key-in the serial no & initial reading of water meter data
     2. Then, user need to submit @ save the data (maybe into the archive) plus need to send 3 minimum & maximum flowrate, vfd frequency value & weight value to PLC 
     3. Once the weight value reach the level recently sent, the process will stop and data entry screen will popup again to update the current water meter reading as final reading value
     4. Then submit & save the data @ record. Now, i should have serial no, initial reading, final reading, temperature, pressure, flowrate as 1 record.
     5. Finally, I should be able to create a report based on the item no.4.

    Question :-
    a. Is it possible to achieve in Zenon with a combination of RGM, historian and other features in Zenon ?

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    Default Re: Can i do this with RGM

    I suppose: yes. Fast described on a forum: probably no, as your question waits 1 month without answer.
    I propose you to contact your local COPA-DATA Sales representative and discus the order of Professional Services for your project.

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