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    Hello everybody,

    I am using Zenon 8.10 and I want to build configuration for report generation for number of corporate users. They will access through their local machines in business network. What is the best approach for this configuration? Should I predict separate machine for report generation and how will users access it and generate report? 

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    Hello SmartS,

    I suggest to take a look on our Report Engine. You can also contact your local sales person in order to request a demo.

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    Hi SmartS,

    we will gladly provide you some information on the zenon Reporting Engine (prev. known as zenon Analyzer). 

    You can install the report engine either on one of your existing zenon machines or put in on a different one - that's how most of our customers do it.
    The reports can be either accessed through a web browser or you can also send it automatically (e.g. as PDF) to the recipients.

    Access through web needs a license (concurrent use) but gives you the possibility to interact with the report (e.g. by selecting different equipment (it uses the equipment model of zenon) or different times). The other option with the reports to send is more for predefined reports which shall automatically be sent to selected users.

    Drop us an email to and we will gladly explore the possibilities together with you.

    Kind regards

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