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Thread: Command processinng zenon edittion

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    Idee Command processinng zenon edittion

    Dear support team. Good working day to all of you.
    I just started learn about Zenon edition 8.2 32bit with a simple project.
    In my project, I create a standard  screen named "overview" for single line Diagram. In which i Created a combined element object ( refer to Breaker in Substation). And other one was command processing screen named command for control to object.
    I also create 2 variable for statusand control, command processing and confiugre them as manual.
    But In runtime Mode, When I click on Breaker Object, It didnt open command processing screen to control object. I dont know where I was the wrong.
    Thank much.

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    are you sure you did also this step from manual:
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    Quote Originally Posted by ursulak View Post
    are you sure you did also this step from manual:
    Thank for your answer.
    I didnt find the dynamic screen type you mention ( Attatched picture)
    Futhermore, can you send to me the manual of this function.
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    When learning zenon, it is important to do a training before starting doing projects. Then you will get familiar with the naming used in the system.
    There are online trainings that are very good.

    The element used in the ALC is linked to, and dependent on variables. That's why it is called dynamic.
    When you click the element on the screen, you want to open the command processing screen for changing the value of a variable.
    Therefore you must select the dynamic element and change how it write values to the PLC.
    In the properties of the screen element there is a section called "Write set value".
    In the section for writing a value, you will find the drop down menu.

    Best regard


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    Thank all of your supports. I resolved my problem. this was  runtime setting properties of project which should be to command sequencer instead of batch control.

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