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Thread: The value of the Zenon variable is not changed from C # code.

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    Default The value of the Zenon variable is not changed from C # code.


    I'm trying to set the value of the Zenon variable in C # code in the following way:

    zVariable.SetValue(newValue, Constants.STATE_SPONT, (int)InternalHelpers.TimeConversion.SystemToZenOn(dt), 0);
    _utils.AddLine($"Variable: {zVariable.Name} Wert: {newValue} Datum: {dt} in der Funktion {MethodName} geschrieben");
    The Zenon variable name is formed like this:

    In the Zenon project, the variable is in a Real format, in C # in a Double.

    Everything is displayed correctly in the log file, but the new value is not assigned into the Zenon variable .

    Which Zenon settings should I pay attention to?

    Thank you in advance.
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