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Thread: Filling tank visualization

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    I want to visualize filling tank process. I took one rectangle and put my level variable to "change height" field of the rectangle. If I copy and paste this rectangle and choose different variable for second tank the "Max. variable value" field of the rectangle is set to some strange values, not the max. value of selected variable. This is big problem also if I want to have one generic display and replace variable using different screen switch functions.
    Is there an option to avoid this behaviour or is there a better way to visualize tank level?  

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    Default Re: Filling tank visualization

    i'm not able to guess what you did and why by coping this happens, you can sent a sample project backup to your local COPA-DATA support to check it.

    But anyway, I would recommend not to use dynamical sized rectangles (different monitor size - disturbed sizing), but to create a symbol, or (re)use one of predefined global symbols, where the level of the tank fill is shown by e.g. overlapping it the screen element 'universal slider' (slider can have different directions and looks).

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