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    Could you give me some advise about this:
    I have some PLCs connect with HMI (zenon 6.22 Sp1) but sometime my analogs data did not updated. It seem like "freeze" value but I check with web-browser connect to PLCs and saw that values changed. I used mms-ethereal for checking mms message but see nothing after that.
    So could you give me some advise and can I use test connection software for testing about it?

    Best regards.

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    with your zenon software, comes a program called "diagnosis viewer". You can start this application from the start menu on the system where the zenon runtime is running. The next step, is to select "client configuration" from the "settings" menu.

    From the list of clients which appears, select your IEC61850 driver, and choose the option "list of parameters". Now in this dialog, click "all", and then click "message level for all modules", click on "accept" and ok. close the list of clients, and now select the green icon to start online logging.

    Once you have some entries in the list, right click on the column header, and choose "add all columns with entry" and "all columns widths automatically". You are now able to monitor the traffic between the driver and the PLC.

    Please note, that you can start the diagnosis viewer, also before the runtime starts, and can start online logging while the runtime starts up. E.g. to see if any reports are activated.

    The diagnosis server, which is responsible for the logging, is always running, and saves historical log files on the harddrive, even when the diagnosis viewer is not running. The diagnosis viewer is also able to open these files, allowing you to analyze log files if there were any errors in the communication. The files are saved in the %CD_PROGRAMDATAxxxx%LOG directory (where "xxxx" is "6221" in your case of zenon 6.22 SP1.

    please also check out the documentation on the diagnosis viewer / diagnosis server, in the online help of zenon!

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