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Thread: Copy/Send recipe name

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    Hi every one,

    I'm having troubles with something that I thought it was going to be simple, but I haven't been able to solve.

    I'm working with the Recipe Group Manager (RGM) and I have everything pretty much configured, but i need to send the name of the recipe to the PLC and I can't find the way to copy/send/trnasfer the NAME AND THE NUMBER  of the recipe to a local/PLC variable. Is there anyway I can do that without programming? I do not have logic or any programming platform licensed. 

    Thank you.

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    have you checked the chapter
    Recipegroup Manager -> Engineering in the Editor -> Variables for recipe groups -> Response variables
    in the manual?


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    Blinzeln Re: Copy/Send recipe name


    Yeah, it did help. Its a bit tricky and for recipes created at runtime has a bit of a process, but its working now.

    Thank you so much!!

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