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Thread: Changelog/Release notes for Builds

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    Is there any changelog or release notes for Builds?

    I would for an example like to know what has been changed/fixed from 6.22 SP1 Build 8 to 6.22 SP1 Build 9


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    a Build has the purpose to fix a certain problem a customer has. The Build is then available to this customer only and is not placed onto the homepage for everyone to download.
    So, Builds are only send to those customers who experience a problem which is fixed with the certain Build.

    The reason is that Builds does not undergo the same strict quality assurance tests like Service Pack and Minor/Major releases does.

    A Build must only be installed if a concrete suspicion is given that the current problem is being fixed within this Build.
    A Build must NOT be installed just for a try, if it may fix current problems.

    Due to this reasons, no changelog is available!

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