We are running several Addins in our Runtimes and we are always experiencing a slow rising RAM usage from the runtime when have addins active. Anyone else experienced that issue aswell?
When analyzing the Memory, it showed us only ~10MB used by our addins while the RT was at around 500-1GB of RAM (99% of it "unmanaged Memory").

More in-depth analysis showed, that the Runtime is generating TONS of finalizable objects. The highest logged was at around 5 Million objects, sadly we could only investigate several snapshots which had around 1000-8000 queued finalizable objects which had the type: "InteropSponsor" and "VariableAdapter". Both from the ScadaAddin Library.

I guess this could cause the memory leak? Why are this objects created and why are there millions of them generated over several hours?

Could it be caused by looping through all available RT variables?

Thanks in advance!

Best Regards and stay safe!