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Thread: Automatic line coloring and MMXU

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    Default Automatic line coloring and MMXU


    I am new to zenon and I ave tried to connect automatic line coloring with MMXU1 lock of measuring voltage. So, when you have voltage over some value the line should be colored otherwise it could be white. But can not connect MMXU1 block with automatic line coloring. If I set MMXU1 as variable and add formula (X01.Value >= 100) inside combine element representation for source, like it is done in zenon energy edition tutorial on zenon website, for value 101 I got colored lines bur for 102 not (example also not colored for 123, it is colored only for those numbers which representation get 1 on the begining) 


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    ALC colors the relevant lines according which switches/disconnectors/sources etc. are closed or open (variable values: 0-off, 1-on, 2- intermediate, 3 - error); not because of some measured values of (float) variables with voltage or power or whatever.

    Thus, to color the lines you have to link the Pos/stVal[ST] variables (e.g. position of a controllable circuit breaker *CSWI/Pos/stVal[ST]); and not some [MX] analog value measurement from MMXU.

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