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    Hello everyone,

    I am new with Zenon, so I have a question about the screen switch function.
    I want to have one main screen (screen 1 on the picture I added) on which I want to have screen switch buttons that will open two screens (process screen 2 with different parameters replacing indices, and different dashboard screen 3). On the dashboard, I want to have a few buttons which will change parameters on the screen 2 replacing indices too. The problem occurs because the dashboard must have different number of buttons depending on what is selected on screen 1 (otherwise I would have built dashboard it into screen 2).

    Is it possible and how?

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    depending on what is selected on screen 1 you can set some internal variables and the buttons on screen 2 configure to be visible or invisible depending on those internal variables. 

    additional hint: consider to use a faceplate for screen2 & screen 3.

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