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    michael_k Gast

    Default zenkeyblock.exe

    how can be run the zenkeyblock.exe in two monitors?
    it means in project in which designed in two or three monitors as the zenkeyblock.exe was ran in the second monitor also the zenkeyblock.exe be extended to other and it block the context menu in the other monitor.

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    Default AW: zenkeyblock.exe

    If the keyblock.exe is activated, it works for the whole operating system. That means also on every monitor of the same OS.

    The below described functionalities are not true for Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008. In order to lock the systems keys in these operating systems, you need to install a 3rd party software.

    The precondition for this is that the project properties of the Runtime are set to No title (full screen). Then zenon runs in full screen mode and the Runtime cannot be minimized.

    The following functions are blocked:

    - short cuts (Alt+F4, Alt+Esc, Alt+Tab, Ctrl+Esc, Win)
    - Closing Windows
    - Changing passwords
    - Logging out
    - Taskmanager
    - Locking the computer
    - Operating the taskbar

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    the information from the zenon online help in the previous post is not totally true.

    The zenkeyblock.exe can be used on Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008 and Windows 7 as well.

    currently, the zenkeyblock.exe must be run with Administrator rights for this to work.

    One thing which is not blocked in Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows Server 2008, is the fast user switch option in the security screen. (ctrl+alt+del)

    This allows howewer a computer administrator to perform administrative tasks, while the runtime keeps running. After the computer administrator finishes, he can log off and switch back to the user running the zenon runtime, to return to "normal operation".

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