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    Is there a way to call a function when a variable value changes, i don't care what the new value is, just that it isn't the same as it was previously.   I always what to call the same function, and the variable value might for example go from 0->1->2->5->1

    Is a numeric RM the best way to do this with all the values possible and just have them calling the same function or is there a way to just say "if variable value has changed call function"?

    Editor Operator 8.2
    RT Operator 8.1

    so no VBSTA etc, just standard functions/scripts.



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    in multi-numeric reaction matrix, create one entry where: 'Value' = "Any", activate the checkbox 'treat each change of value as new limit violation'  and link the wished function as 'Instant'.

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    Its replies like that which make this forum what it is... 

    thanks, have a good day.

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