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Thread: Runtime Active Screen identification

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    Default Runtime Active Screen identification

    How can you access the screen your runtime is currently on?

    I have created an Online Container in order to run some functions when these variables change value. This works well. What I want to do know is filter these funtions in order so that they don't get run if the runtime doesn't finds itself on a specific screen. 

    I don't seem to find the solution and what I have tried does not work.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Hello InesLR,
    i try to send you a private message, but you probably have this option turned off.
    you show me how u you create method that runs a function that depends
    on changing variable? I'm trying to create the same thing, but i doing
    something wrong.

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    Default Re: Runtime Active Screen identification


    I think you are checking the wrong screen if the function is for the Runtime:


    Check onlinecontainer i the Object model.

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