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Thread: Code meter is not starting

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    Default Code meter is not starting

    Hello ,

    Code meter is not working properly , I am unable to detect the Zenon development dongle in code meter in last two days. 
    I have been using Zenon editor and its development dongle around two years .

    Issue :  When I install code meter v6.8 , Error code 2318 is coming.

    I uninstall Zenon sp7.6 and again install it but still issue is not solved. Please help me. Thank You

    In services , code meters service is set in automatic but its service is not started , when i manually start , error code 1053 is coming. 

    I am using windows 10 64 bit.

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    Default Re: Code meter is not starting


    have you checked your Anti-Virus log?

    The last Update on Friday, the 15th Jan. from our Sophos Anti-Virus
    has blocked the Code-Meter App.

    Best regards,

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