I'm using aggregated archives with sum for reports. I've sets of reports daily, monthly divided into operators with shift filter sorted by "name with wildcards". 

base archive got 1 sec cyclic scanning, saving cycle 1h and storage duration 3 days.
Next is sum aggregated archive with saving cycle 12h and storage duration 45 days.
The last one is sum aggregated archive with saving cycle 1 day and storage duration 18 month. 
In the shift calendar I've got 2 shifts: 6:00-18:00 and 18:00-6:00 with names of operators set as shift name.

Daily reports work fine with base archive. Problem starts with monthly reports. Base archive sends saved value each hour to aggregated archive with archive close time, so timestamp of values is moved by 1h. For example with base archive I can set time filter for 6:00-18:00, but for aggregated archive it's 7:00-19:00. Shift filter is still set for 6:00-18:00 and certain operator name. Another problem is that when I set shifts to 6:00-18:00 I get 13 1hour archives instead of twelve. I can fix it with setting times to 6:00-17:59 and 18:00-5:59 but that way I lose values of 1 minute with daily reports.

So with monthly report I get value error of 1h, for yearly report it's 1 day error. Is there any way to set start time of archive as timestamp for aggregated archive ? I think that would fix the problem.