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Thread: ALC Alarm Line Coloring

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    Hi, I am a begginer user in zenon energy and I am making my first application. I have 2 line input bays, each bay powered by a source. Source 1 is configured with red color and source 2 with blue color according to ALC, when connected. I configured the ALC for the lines and the busbar as Multiple Supply and two higher priority sources, to show the color of the two sources.
    In the figure “1_Sources ON_CB Q0E2 OPEN”, with one of the circuit breakers open, the colors of the lines are as I imagine to be the correct one.
    In the figure “2_Sources ON_CB Q0E2 CLOSE” with the bays fed, the color source 1 red overlaps the color of source 2 which was blue. I didn't understand why, despite the fact that the lines are colored correctly, showing the colors from the two sources.
    Another question is referred to as ALC colors when any of the circuit breakers are in the intermediate state. According to the figure "3_Q0E1 Intermediate State 1" I believe that the colors are correct, with the lines colored in black, according to the "undefined" configuration for the ALC. But according to the figure "4_Q0E1 Intermediate State 2", if the entire circuit is powered by the 02 sources, and a circuit breaker is open, a black color defined in the ALC undefined will color both sources and all lines. I didn't understand why either.
    If anyone can guide me if it really is, or if I am setting up something wrong, thank you.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 1_Sources ON_CB Q0E2 OPEN.png   2_Sources ON_CB Q0E2 CLOSE.png   3_Q0E1 Intermediate State 1.png   4_Q0E1 Intermediate State 2.png  

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    The ALC displays two (mixed) colors only on lines; on combined-elements (source symbol, switch symbol if color not fix but from ALC etc.) it displays the color of the source with higher priority. The priority is according the source order in the list in project settings for ALC.

    The "undefined" color source has higher priority as any voltage color (see the mentioned above project settings). In your 4th case, on the lines the "undefined" color is mixed with blue as the switch to the blue source is closed, so the grid is at the same time supplied by undefined and blue. The sources symbols are in black - undefined - in higher priority source.

    Why you expect another coloring rules? what is the philosophy of coloring you need?

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