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Thread: Windows CE CORE vs. PRO

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    Default Windows CE CORE vs. PRO


    Today when you ask for a WinCE platform, you can select the CORE or PRO version.
    As far as I know, the PRO version has some additional component (ActiveSync, ...).

    Is it possible to know if the today (WinCE6) CORE or PRO version fits the zenon or straton requirements (DLL, modules, …)?

    Do you have an updated list of components requested by zenonCE and stratonCE?

    Thank-you for your support.

    Giuseppe Menin

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    Default AW: Windows CE CORE vs. PRO

    Hi gmenin,

    did you have a look at this thread?

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    Default Re: Windows CE CORE vs. PRO

    Thank you Bernhard for your hint.
    My question had a focus on WinCE OS image.
    I Think could be helpful to have a list of WinCE components that zenonCE requires to run correctly.

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    Windows CE is extremely componentizable. The number of different combinations is really high. Companies who create CE OS images using platform builder are usually experts in this field.

    COPA-DATA does not create Windows CE OS images and lacks the experience required in this field. Therefore we do not have such a list of required components in platform builder.

    Basically, a standard Windows CE image should normally run well. A quick test with e.g. the Windows CE device emulator and zenon in demo mode should normally quickly reveal any issues.

    Should there be an issue with the image which causes zenon or a component (e.g. networking, vbscript or OPC) to not work correctly, we have always succeeded in the past through cooperation with the CE device manufacturer to run zenon on the device successfully. E.g. by compiling zenon or straton against the SDK for the image where an issue exists.

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