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Thread: Using VPN to bypass ISP NAT for webserver?

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    Default Using VPN to bypass ISP NAT for webserver?

    I have small webserver at home that I use to host personal projects.
    Recently, I switched ISPs and found out that my new ISP has pretty strict NAT which means that I cannot connect to my webserver outside of my home network.
    I got to an idea to get some cheap VPN, tunnel it directly to my server and then use VPNs external IP to allow outside connections to my server.
    I have never done this,and my experience with VPNs is minimal,so if anybody has done this, can you please recommend some (cheap if possibly) VPN services for me to use? Or do you have any other advice?
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    Default AW: Using VPN to bypass ISP NAT for webserver?

    Did you get a new router when you changed your ISP? I only know NAT from portforwarding which is done in the router...

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