I am trying to connect my Zenon Energy edition to an ABB REF615 via Modbus TCP.
I had played around with the driver setting, and I am unable to make a connection.

In the Runtime, the Modbus variables are marked with a red dot at the corner (no plc connection).

I did succeed in connecting to the device with different software("mdbus control").
With that software, I had also managed to read and write to the REF615.
But when using the same configuration to the Zenon drivers, I get no results.

I have tried using both the Modbus Energy Driver and the Modbus RTU and Open Modbus TCP drivers and got the same results.

The "Import variables from driver" option is grayed out. And manually addressing the variable does not work.

It is worth noting that when using the "IEC 61850 driver"  with the same REF615 I had no issue connecting and managed to read and write to the device.

I suspect that I am configuring the drivers wrong.