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Thread: Runtime auto-close function

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    Default Runtime auto-close function

    Dear Gents,

    Could you please advise. Sometimes Primary Server losing connection with the PLC and this is not a reason for redundancy changeover. Because of mentioned issue SCADA is stuck. If Runtime will be closed on Primary Server another one which is Stand-by will takeprimary role. 

    So my question is: how can i do auto close of Runtime on the Primary Server? I know about the EXIT function and tried to do it through the Reaction Matrix but unsuccessful.

    I know variable which can be used for this. I need just to configure Reaction MAtrix or function.

    Thanks in advance!

    P.S. We need this option because not always personnel are avaliable on site in order to do this changeover manually. 

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    Dear Vlad83,

    you can use the zenon standard function "redundancy switch" in the section "network" to switch servers without forced closing.
    This function can also be linked to a REMA.


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    Default Re: Runtime auto-close function

    Thanks for reply

    It`s done. Anyway EXIT func is used (because of needs). 

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