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Thread: Bachmann Communication Problem

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    Default Bachmann Communication Problem

    Hello Support
    I am using Bachmann driver to communicate with the PLC. When there is a network interuption (when the status of the variable becomes INVALID), the driver disconnects and is not reconnecting to the PLC. Runtime has to be Restarted inorder to communicate to the PLC again. This becomes very Inconvenient during the operation.
    Please explain about the cause of this problem and a Solution or workaround to Overcome this.

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    Default Re: Bachmann Communication Problem

    I have no experience with the Bachmann driver, but generally any TCP/IP-basing zenon driver tries to reconnect 30s after the previous success/failed opening of TCP socket.

    So, from your short description, I suppose the driver "hangs" (does the PLC really respond?) or the Runtime is too busy (working on too many alarms?) to get the driver data updates on time and then another thread in the RT turns INVALID to signalize the general data exchange problems. And INVALID of these reason will gone first when variable changes the value (or RT restart). 

    Alternatively to RT start, you can try: create 2 zenon functions 'driver command' and stop and start the driver (or turn to 'simulation static' and then to 'hardware mode'). Note: while driver is stopped, variables have status bit OFF, not INVALID; and this bit is also indicated with the red square.

    Please contact your COPA-DATA Support officially, we will need more information to analyze the issue, e.g.: version, backup, logs.

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    Unglücklich Re: Bachmann Communication Problem

    Hi Ursulak
    I agree to your point on TCP/IP, but in the Bachmann driver there is no such settings for this.

    On the Task manager the Driver is running fine (not showing "Not Responding"), so I suppose the driver is not Hanged. Yes the PLC responds (It sends data to Bachmann SCADA after communication restoration).

    I have already tried the methods that you have mentioned, the Test result are as Follows:
         1. Status remains "INVALID" even after changing the driver to Simulation static and Hardware.
         2. On stopping the Driver the status becomes "OFF" and on starting it changes to "INVALID,OFF"

    The version of Zenon used is 7.60 and build 36068, 42944.

    Additionally I found out this from Zenon Help.
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