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Thread: How to create a zenon Runtime Docker

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    Frage How to create a zenon Runtime Docker

    Hello everyone,

    i was trying to create a zenon Docker Container for Runtime (8.20). Then I got the issue about the license.

    After starting the docker container I got no running sessions of docker runtime in the task manager.

    it seems that the system cannot finde the license. (see Log)

    my questions are
    • How many licenses are required in my case?

    • which kind of virtual Switch has to be created?
    • how to set the parameter for license server in the setting.xml, if it has no PrimarySuffix?

    the processes I did:

    1. preparation:
    • docker desktop is installed and successfully running on the windows 10 Host.

    • docker zenon image from docker Hub is downloaded.

    • the runtime container and zenon editor/runtime client are located in the same Host. (see topo)

    2. installation zenon 8.20 on the Host PC

    3. offline license of installed 8.20 (same process for normal Supervisor)

    4. copy the template folder to C: Disk on the Host PC (downloaded from docker hub:

    5. set the demo project as network project with zenon editor

    6. transfer the runtime files to the subfolder: C:\zenonData\projects\ZENON_DEMO820

    7. set parameters in the configure files in the folder: zenonData (see pictures)

    • zenonData\system\K5LICENSE.INI

    • zenonData\system\License.INI

    • zenonData\system\zenon6.INI

    • zenonData\settings.xml (the DNS PrimarySuffix was not set for this Host)

    8. create a interne virtual Switch: zenExtSwitch with hyper-V Manager (see virtualSwitch)

    9. run cmd with powershare to create a container and start it. (see cmd)

    thank you in advance!

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails log.png   topo.png   licenseINI.png   K5LICENSEini.png   zenon6ini.png  

    settingXML.png   virtualSwitch.png   cmd.png  

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    Default Re: How to create a zenon Runtime Docker

    Hello Min,

    I dont know if you still have this issue.
    But i had it and there is something missing in the description.

    Go to the CodeMeter application on the host pc. Go to Data/WebAdmin.
    Your browser should open with the WebAdmin settings.
    Go to Settings/Server and activate the Network Server.

    Your license can now be reached by the Docker Container.

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