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Thread: Which Windows Server Version to use?

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    Default Which Windows Server Version to use?


    Currently we are using Zenon 8.10 on Windows 10. Our Project is growing and we are facing performance problems in the Runtime. 
    For context, we have around 50 projects with an average of 1800 variables per project, all running on the same Runtime. 
    The machine on which the Runtime is running is fairly old, i5-3770 for context.
    Would changing the OS to Windows Server improve the hardware utilization of our machine? If so, Which Windows Server version would you recommend? 

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    No, switching to an server operating system will normally not bring any advantages for the zenon Runtime. Upgrading your memory (RAM)  might help, upgrading the processor, switching from HDD to SDD will help.
    Performace problems might also caused by networking issues, improper configuration of the drivers and/or the PLCs, using of unnecessary API calls -or unperformat usage of the API. Also a bad configuration of the historian might cause problems.
    In general we have zenon Runtimes with 1 million+ variables up an running. 50 projects with an average of 1800 variables running in one Runtime is not an value which surprises me. It should run fine.
    For deeper inspection you can get in contact with our sales team. They can offer you Professional Services: We offer a service called "Project concept validation". Within this service, we can analyze your project and your constellation.

    Kind regards,

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