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Thread: ICCP Configurations in Zenon 8.20

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    Frage ICCP Configurations in Zenon 8.20


    I trying to connect Zenon ICCP Server wit Triangle Microworks Iron ICCP test client. When I try to connect client is gives to me connection error.

    I tried this case with Triangle Microworks SCADA Data Gateway and Iron was correctly connect to SCADA Data Gateway app via ICCP. You can find my zenProcGateway.ini file also, configuration screenshots and Diagnosis Viewer screenshot at attachment.

    What am I doing wrong? Can you give me some advise about this case?

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Diag Viewer.PNG   Error Screenshot.PNG   Iron Configuration.PNG   Zenon Process Gateway 1.PNG   Zenon Process Gateway Advenced.PNG  

    Zenon Process Gateway Client Variables.PNG   Zenon Process Gateway General.PNG   Zenon Process Gateway Server Variables.PNG  
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    Default Re: ICCP Configurations in Zenon 8.20

    i'm guessing you have a mismatch in the local/remote ICCP domain names and/or Iron refuses the check of the bilateral table. The zenon ICCP server disconnects because Iron responds that it doe snot has the configured feature in this domain.
    I'm not an expert in Iron, but I suppose it contains a domain configuration only as server, not as client - is not visible on the screenshot. And probably anyway will refuse services comparing the bilateral table if is configured to have only a client, not also a (minimalistic) server.

    Generally, ICCP defines that both communication partners are simultaneously as well server as client (on the same MMS, so in the same TCP/IP session). Try to configure Iron to have some server. The zenon ICCP knows this rule, so it always starts in the background a client too, with empty client's variable list only to compare the bilateral table and supported features (interoperability checks).

    And maybe use as local/remote domain names (have nothing to do with Ethernet) some nice strings, like "zenon" (local in zenon, remote in Iron) and "Iron" (remote in zenon, local in Iron). Then will be easier for you to understand what's going on. 

    Have you downloaded the zenon Help?

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    Default Re: ICCP Configurations in Zenon 8.20

    Hello Mr.Yakali, 

    We have prepared a video for you to configure zenon ICCP with Triangle Iron test software which you can check from this link. 

    Best Regards

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