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Thread: Process Gateway - VBA

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    Default Process Gateway - VBA

    Hi all guys, it's me again.

    I'm struggling with the process gateway: IEC870-104. For now I am making sure that when I import the variables into the editor, via VBA, I also write the process gateway configuration xml file.
    I wanted to ask you if it was possible to configure the process gateway directly via VBA.
    If so, would you give me a couple of tips.

    Thanks in advance,


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    Directly not, but you can write from VBA the CSV file - this file would be easier to produce: one entry is one IO definition. Then import in zenon Process Gateway the CSV file. 
     Help: Manual > Process Gateway > IEC870 slave > Module configuration > Configuration via XML file > .CSV export and import

    If you need the XML file, not CSV, to dynamically reload zPG during/after the runtime reload (re-read of the file is possible to trigger with variable T00 IOA=8) then you can use another instance of zenPG (on Editor's, not Runtime, PC) to first import CSV and export as XML with the name of file like the right zPG uses. 

    To the PC where Runtime is running you can transfer the XML file (to the right directory C:\ProgramData\COPA-DATA\System) via additional, manually created entry in the file list of Remote Transfer dialog.

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    Default Re: Process Gateway - VBA

    Ok, perfect.

    I think Iíll create an XML file via VBA.

    Thank you very much for the answer.


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