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Thread: Problems installing Zenon Editor on a new laptop

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    mattsd Gast

    Default Problems installing Zenon Editor on a new laptop


    My old laptop is at the end of its life, I have re-installed Zenon Editor (6.2) on a new machine but when it runs, it freezes. I'm sure this is when it connects to its SQL database. I have looked at the services compared to my old machine and ZenDBSvr is not running but automatic. When I try to start it, it fails straight away saying could not start with error 1068 - the dependency service or group failed to start. I have looked at these dependency services and they are all running (MSSQL$ZENON, Remote Procedure Call and ZenSysSrv.

    I have completely uninstalled and reinstalled but the same occurs.

    I do have some other automation software that used SQL but can uninstall these as require them.

    Is there a reason why this is happening or a way I can get the ZenDBSvr service to run?


    PS New laptop is XP profession SP3 - same as old laptop
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