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Thread: Information Of Server-Client system

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    Default Information Of Server-Client system

    Hi everyone,
    My system (as image) include:
    + 2 Server PC
    + 2 Guest PC
    + 1 Development PC
    Please tell me details:
    + Requiement Configuration for them???
    + What's the Windows version for Server, Guest, Development PC???
    + How to Install Zenon in them???
    + Attention Installation???
    Thnanks very much

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    Rotes Gesicht Re: Information Of Server-Client system


    You have to install zenon on all your clients and your server. You can find the hardware and software requirements in the zenon help at Manual > Runtime > Putting Runtime into operation > Hardware Requirements.

    The minimum requirements are
    OS: Windows 7
    RAM: 4 GB

    Setting up the zenon network is pretty easy: 
    Follow the steps in the zenon help at Manual > Network > zenon Network - setting up
    But since this image is from the help you already found that already.

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