Hello all,

I have a fee questions, and I hope someone can shed some light!

I am using SICAM230, a scada software based on zenon copadata.

I amusing this software to read the values from several devices that speak protocols 104 and 61850.

I want to create a testing environment for said protocols. I got thw idea that it might be able to set up a PLC, have it speak the aforementioned protocols (obviously one at a time), meaning set it up as a slave device, so that I can see its values on the SCADA program.

Is this at all possible to do with a PLC? I can buy any Siemens PLC.

I looked into the S7-1200,which has an additional module for iec 104 bit it would seem not for 61850,and the S7-300,which seems to support both natively.

Is it possible to do this with these PLCs for the respective protocols?