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Thread: Screen zoom - problem

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    Default Screen zoom - problem

    Hi, I'm new on zenon.

    I have a screen bigger than the frame, because i need to zoom it.
    My problem is that when in runtime I open the screen, it opens zoomed in. Is it possible to make it open not zoomed in?


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    Default AW: Screen zoom - problem

    Call the screen with a function of type Move Screen/Center Screen (i use german ED, not sure how the type is translated exactly, in german "Bildmittelpunkt verschieben")
    In this function type you can choose zoom factor.

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    Daumen hoch Re: Screen zoom - problem

    Thanks so much!
    Both for the timeliness and for the response. I solved, thanks again.

    However, if it is useful for others, the function is called "Screen: Move center" .

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