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Thread: Import Alarm XML

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    Is there a way to import Alarm from XML with the API?

    Thank you.

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    In fact, there is currently no possibility to trigger an XML import on Alarm-Areas, -Groups, or -Classes with the AddIn-Framework (zenon API).

    It is however possible to create Alarm-Areas with DynProperties of the project.
    So technically, ther could be a possibility to parse the XML file and create the the alarm classes in an Editor Wizard Extention.

    Here is a simple example on how to create an alarm class in an Editor Wizard Extention:

    public void Run(IEditorApplication context, IBehavior behavior)
          var activeProject = context.Workspace.ActiveProject;
          var dynProps = activeProject.GetDynamicProperties("");  // this is to get all DynProperties of the project. You can watch them in the watch or locals window.
          var alarmClasses = activeProject.GetDynamicProperty("AlarmClasses"); // Returns the number of Alarm Classes in the project.
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