Hey Guys
I am facing an Issue with OPC DA driver. When I connect to the OPC-DA server, I am able to connect and the Data flow can be seen. But after 30-60 secs the status of all the variables are turning to "INVALID". When I restart Zenon status is "SPONT" and again after few seconds the status turns "INVALID". 
Instead of starting Zenon if i start any third party OPC-DA client like DOPC, Matricon OPC the data flow is continuous without interruption (i.e the quality is 'good'). 
I don't feel any problem with DCOM settings since the data flow is available for sometime. There is no log on the Diag Viewer too. The Zenon Version is 7.60.

Please do let me know if any test or changes to be done to rectify this issue.