Our requirment is to capture live data from PLC (Real Data type) and capture it in Extended Trend. We have to capture live data for every 10 ms from the PLC. We have created RDA Array[50] inside the PLC of Real Data type and provided  the data from Index [0] to Index[6] as per the format and from Index[7] to Index[50] real time data was passed.  When we triggered the zeroth Index  data is not captured in Archive Screen (.ARX file was not created in the folder path) and we cannot view anything in extended trend. But all the RDA Array[50] variables are communicating when observed in variable Diagnostics.

When we tried with Double Word data type, the archive is working and for every 10ms values are captured in the Archive screen and can be viewed in Extended trend Screen as well.
Can someone clarify whether any particular setting has to be done for capturing RDA array variable for Real data type and is there any Hardware specification to be considered.

I tested with the below provided Specifications
  • Zenon Version:7.60
  • Build Version:64404
  • Driver: BECKHNG
  • OS: Windows 8.1 Pro
  • RAM: 4GB

Thanks in advance.