I am fairly new with OPC UA and was hoping you could help me. I am trying to set up a driver connection using the Zenon OPC UA Client driver to a  TOP Server (or Kepware) OPC UA server. Are there perhaps a step-by-step manual available to do so?

The following is the configuration I put into the Zenon OPC UA driver:

With Matrikon OPC UA client I am able to connect to TOP Server using the above user authentication and credentials. This indicates to me that the way I set up the User Authentication and Security settings should be correct. This leaves me with the Discovery service and server information settings.

When I connect with Matrikon OPC UA client, I get the following: 

This tells me that the server URL is: opc.tcp://DESKTOP-I0AIN08:49381
This also tells me that the server name is: TOP Server/UA@DESKTOP-I0AIN08
The computer name on which the server runs is: DESKTOP-I0AIN08

This only leaves me with the Discovery URL. We are not using a Discovery URL, so I inserted opc.tcp://DESKTOP-I0AIN08:49381.

Given all this settings, I am not able to establish an OPC UA connection to TOP Server. 

Can anyone please point out what I am doing wrong?