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Thread: Driver creation

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    How to create drivers propertly?
    We have several ways:

    1 Create an driver for each machine

    2 Create single driver and configure all machines in it.

    3 Limit machines created inside diver.
     What limit it should be then?

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    Generally - do like you want. It has no significant impact.

    Only if each device delivers much data (thousands of variables and values changing frequently) and/or you have a network project where zenon network clients computers are acquiring most of the data, e.g. to transfer it via zenon Process Gateway or to some external application:
    --> then for each device create a driver instance.
    This will help the Operating System (Windows) to schedule those driver applications on different CPU cores (modern PC have many cores), and zenon Runtime can easier multi-thread the data acquisition and provide it to the Network.

    If you have a thousand devices, then the optimum is probably when the quantity of driver instances is similar the quantity of connections in an instance, e.g. 1200 devices -> 30 drivers, each with 40 connections. But also 120 drivers with 10 connections or 12 drivers with 100 connections - are almost same performant.

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