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Thread: Change Driver in existing Project

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    Default Change Driver in existing Project

    Is it possible to swap a existing driver in a already made project ?

    I searched through all resources here but all intresting subjects ended in older dead links.

    Reason: I buildt the Tutorial project from "Erste Schritte V8.20" and the author used a Simatic TCP driver.
    In my Developpment system is no Simatic driver licence as we need only Modbus. So I'm not able to run and play with the Tutorial.

    Ist there a proper way to swap all Variables to a new i.E. the licenced Modbus driver

    ( It would be a good idea to inform users in the Tutorial example to use a included driver; my idea was simulation of the driver without hardware is possible ....

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    Default AW: Change Driver in existing Project

    RightClick on the driver and select 'Change driver...' (I work with german Version, so I'm not sure about exact translation of the context menu)
    As you only want to work in simulation mode, this should work. Otherwise you probably would have to change the adresses of the variables manually.

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    Default Re: Change Driver in existing Project

    Thanks a lot. I found the button meanwhile.

    But i lost the whole example as "save project as" did not work as i ecpected...

    So i'm able to select the licenced driver while redo.

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