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Thread: Report Control Blocks problem

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    I am sending some variables with a device via IEC 61850 MMS communication. When the data is sent from the IED's data model and without the use of RCBs, zenon client driver can receive the variables and read them. However, when I send the same data by RCBs with the same type of communication, zenon client driver does not receive anything and the query window just freezes.

    Any ideas on why it freezes like this and how I can resolve this situation? Any help is appreciated. I am running the old 7.20 version. Thanks! 

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    The screenshot looks like in zenon Editor query running during the driver online imports variable definitions; or maybe during the browsing the description of available RCBs in the driver configuration dialog. 

    I suppose the issue is: when IED is configured with a SCL file where there is no Report Control Blocks then this IED supports the MMS association and the data model browsing correctly. When the IED is configured with a SCL file where there are some RCBs defined, then the IED behaves no more standard compliant and stops to communicate after 4th request; IED hangs or responds with malformed MMS frames, but keeps the TCP socket open.

    I would contact the manufacturer of the IED. Maybe the changes in SCL file are not correct (syntax, quantities etc.). Or the enhanced SCL not suitable according the IED's capacities. But a correct IED shall refuse the update with an invalid SCL file or containing not supported capabilities.

    If you can record a sniff with Wireshark then you can contact your local COPA-DATA Support officially and ask for the favor to diagnose the IED basing on this Wireshark sniff and SCL file. Maybe we will be able to advise you how to workaround this issue in IED. The zenon 7.20 is already old version, and in the newest zenon version the iec850 driver has (internally) some additional features improving handling against IEDs which are not fully IEC 61850 standard compliant; try out.

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