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Thread: MATHDR32 variables trouble

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    Default MATHDR32 variables trouble

    Hello, support team.

    When adding the MATHDR32 Tag to the existing Zenon Project, the phenomenon that the existing MATHDR32 Tag cannot be recognized is occurring.
      - As a result of checking the point where an abnormality occurs while importing a tag, the time stamp is displayed as blank in Variable Diagnosis.
      - The phenomenon occurs only for the MATHDR32 Tag, and the tag where the phenomenon occurs is rendered impossible to express on the screen.
    Is there any MATHDR32 limit?

    Enviroment :
      Zenon 7.11 SP0
      Unlimited License

    Best regards.

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    Default Re: MATHDR32 variables trouble

    the MATHDR32 driver limitations are documented in zenon Help -> MATHDR32 -> Creating variables -> Addressing

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