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Thread: Line color based on two variables

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    Default Line color based on two variables

    Dear All,

    I am using zenon Supervisor v7.11.
    I am new in zenon Supervisor and that is why, I can not figure out, how I can change color of polyline base on values of two variables.
    I have device with two network ports. For each port, I got status variable, which is:
    • 0 when the port is not connected
    • 1 when the port is connected. The device are connected in ring.
    I want to change the color of polyline, when both ports of two neighbout devices are connected to each other (i.e. are in status 1).

    I need AND (&) operation between the variable values. I see that the combi element allows such functionality. The problem is that it will be not very suitable to put combi element between device symbol.

    Any ideas how I can achieve this functionality?

    Best regards,
    Svetozar Yolov

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    Default Re: Line color based on two variables

    This is the author.
    I figure out how to do it. I am writing it for a gents, in my situation.
    I made a symbol with polyline, with a form which suits me. Next I use combi element and use the symbol created. Next I use formula in combi element with logical AND (&) between the tag of my interest. Add the statuses. When both variables are in 1, the conditions will be fulfilled and the color will be changed accordingly.

    Svetozar Yolov

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    Default AW: Line color based on two variables

    You could also use a variable from the mathematics driver to calculate the AND logic between the two variables. Then you don't need the combined element.

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    Default Re: Line color based on two variables

    Thank you for you answer. I considered this opportunity.
    In my perspective, if you have got a lot of devices (let say 20 and more), the quantity of work, in case of math driver will be more and more work to support.
    I believe combi element is better!


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