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Thread: SQL Export Variable ID / Custom column?

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    Frage SQL Export Variable ID / Custom column?


    We're using the SQL Export module for archiving. 
    Our planners/supply chain have asked for some changes in the way the data in the SQL is presented due to some slight inconveniences.

    First up, is it possible to change the Variable ID somehow?
    Unfortunately, we have multiple identical Varible IDs across different Projects, which is causing a hassle for them.

    Second (which could also spare us from the issue mentioned above), is it possible to add another column with the variable identification for instance?
    Or something simlilar.

    Best regards,
    Zenon 8.00

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    Default Re: SQL Export Variable ID / Custom column?

    Dear ErikChristensen,

    are you using the SQL export or the built in SQL-evacuation of zenon historian module?


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