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Thread: Zenon directly with ABB PLC

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    Default Zenon directly with ABB PLC

    Hello all,


    I'm new to the Zenon . My project is to collect some data from remotely placed PLCs to my Zenon SCADA. I was thinking of taking Kepware as an OPC to communicate them together with the usage of the Modbus TCP/IP protocol. But i heard that it is possible to connect directly to the Zenon without using any OPC .Using direct Modbus TCP/IP.

    If anyone can explain if it is possible

    If yes how can i do that I'm a newbie here hope you got my situation and you will sort it out



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    Default Re: Zenon directly with ABB PLC

    yes, in zenon for communication with Modbus devices via TCP/IP you can use driver MODRTU.

    I propose you to make the online basic training in zenon.

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