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Thread: IEC61850 - Float32 Variable - Data Type REAL - Unable to use 'Numeric value' element

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    Default IEC61850 - Float32 Variable - Data Type REAL - Unable to use 'Numeric value' element

    Hi All,

    I have been trying to display Float32 variable such as Current and Voltage.

    However, based on the HELP Section,

    Tip/Workaround: If you nevertheless want to continue working with the Data type REAL , (such as when there is a limitation of the data types due to the PLC), the bit string of the PLC can be read as DINT instead of REAL. This bit string can be stripped down in zenon Logic with the AND_MASK and OR_MASK function blocks and the components of the REAL value (sign, exponent, fixed-point part) can be extracted. Exact counter values can be extracted from this.

    May i know is there a way to display these FLOAT32 - REAL variable in the HMI screen without using zenon Logic to process the information as there will be a huge amount of tags to be configured.

    I have tried to change the variable to LREAL, but the numeric value element does not have any values.

    Thank you!
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    Default Re: IEC61850 - Float32 Variable - Data Type REAL - Unable to use 'Numeric value' element

    To display value of REAL or LREAL variable of IEC850 driver - link this variable with a screen element 'Numeric value'.

    This information from Help is in general topic about data types. The IEC 61850 standard defines floats values and zenon IEC850 driver supports all data types defined in the standard.
    The hint in Help to use zenon Logic is only for the case of communication protocols not supporting floats values, but delivering values in another formats. Then in zenon Logic is possible to convert received values from some "strange" format to the REAL or LREAL value. You don't need it with IEC850.

    When screen elements are not showing variable values at all, the reasons could be following:
    - the driver has not received values from the device. In case of IEC61850 communication, this can happen when variables are in Datasets in enabled RCB (in assigned Report Control Block) but the device is not sending those reports. Probably the device (IED) does not have in RCB the Triggers Option 'general-interrogation'. In this case the 'Numeric value' screen element will be not visible.
    - you mistakenly linked variable with screen element 'Dynamic text' configured to display the limit text, and the limit text is empty.

    In the Runtime, when you right-click on screen element - there will be context info about name of linked variable and its status bits (so about the state of communication).
    What do your 'Numerical value' elements show?
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    Default Re: IEC61850 - Float32 Variable - Data Type REAL - Unable to use 'Numeric value' element


    Thank you for the response. Indeed it is the RCB settings. Managed to resolve it.

    Thank you!

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