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Thread: ZenDbSrv Issuse

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    I have an issue in Opening the Workspace/Eidtor.

    While opening the editor, Error is Showing as ZenDBSer.exe not running. When Internet is disconnected from PC, then its working fine.

    Zenon Version used : Zenon Energy Edition 8.00

    I tried doing standard registration, SQL service 2012 restart and Reinstallation of Zenon But no success.

    Can any one help me out to fix this is issue.

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    Have you changed any of the settings for 'listening ports' in the Startup tool (under Application > Options > Listening Ports)?

    If the problem is related to it not working only when the internet is plugged in or not then its most likely something to do with the interface the DB service is looking for changing.

    You can set the service to listen on a particular interface, particular IP or any interface. Perhaps when plugging in your internet connection the routes are changing or home address of is somehow being redirected? 

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    I successfully installed zenon but when i try to start engineering studio i am getting below error. can anyone please help me on this 

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